Terminus is the OURPGSoc Society Game for Michaelmas and Hilary terms, 2023/2024.

Players will be members of the community of the Underground, after a disaster wrecked the Overground three generations ago and rendered it uninhabitable. The people of the Underground have adapted well to the new setting, and have truly made the space efficient and cosy… but there is little they can do to make it less claustrophobic. The players will contend with all the challenges of living in a space struggling to accomodate the people it is home to—and maybe even uncover some secrets along the way…

Terminus will be running on Tuesday evenings during term time. For more details on the schedule, see When and Where.

If you are new to Society Games, or roleplaying in general, the Intro to the Wiki System, Uptime, and Downtime pages may be useful.

To get more of an idea what tone the game will have and what sort of themes it's based on, see Style and Tone.

To learn more about the game's setting, see the setting section in the sidebar.

And finally, if you want to participate in the game, you'll have to do Character Creation.

In order to be able to run a high quality and maintain a healthy work life balance, if more than 28 players submit characters we will be forced to ballot. In the event of balloting, we will admit groups in the following order until we reach a group which will take us over the player cap, at which point that group will be balloted for places. Subsequent groups will not be balloted and will not get places. The order of priority for player groups will be:

  1. Special Cases (primarily reserved for those who have booked the rooms we need to run the game, and to catch extraordinary circumstances)
  2. Oxford University students who have not played a Society Game before
  3. Oxford University students who have played a Society Game before
  4. Non-Oxford University Students

For example, if we have 15 OU players who have not played a society game before, 15 OU students who have and 10 Non-OU students, all the new players will be admitted, 13 of the 15 OU students who have played a Society Game previously will be admitted and none of the Non-OU students will be admitted.

We will ask players to declare their status on submitting a character creation form and this will be taken on good faith. Players who would not like to take part in balloting if it occurs will be able to indicate this. We will be accepting one more GM so if a player would like to join the GM team they may also indicate this. We will also allow players to volunteer to Crew the event, either as their preferred way of being a part of Terminus, in the event there is a ballot, or in the event that they are not selected as a player in the ballot.

Crew members will primarily be responsible for playing NPCs, both in uptime and in emails. We plan to accept a relatively small number of crew members in order to make sure we are able to manage them well and give them exciting roles, interesting briefs and process their feedback adequately. Although it is not anticipated, if too many people opt to crew we may need to select from among them, which will be performed at the discretion of the CAMPOs.

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